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Cayuse En Chamberlin Syrah, 2005 Vintage

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Cayuse En Chamberlin Syrah, 2005 Vintage

Cayuse En Chamberlin Syrah, 2005 Vintage
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"The Cayuse 2005 Syrah En Chamberlin Vineyard from what Baron describes as a normal vintage for Washington: not too hot, but ripe; (En Chamberlin Syrah having been) picked the third week of September; and the first at our new facility and with indigenous yeasts features strongly bittersweet, medicinal iodine- and alkali-tinged herbal and dark berry essences along with savory, smoky evocations of roasted poultry pan drippings. Its diversity; seamlessness; almost oily richness of texture; and finishing crescendo are utterly striking."
94 Points

"Deep ruby-red. Dark fruits, black pepper, licorice, mocha and brown spices on the nose: Baron's answer to La Landonne? Wonderfully intense and deep, with powerful dark fruit flavors sexed up by an exotic note of apricot. Finishes with outstanding mounting persistence and restrained sweetness."
94 Points

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Learn About Cayuse

An adventure in the new world Christophe Baron grew up among the vineyards and cellars of his family's centuries-old Champagne house, Baron Albert. His sense of adventure, however, led him to become the first Frenchman to establish a winery in Washington State. While visiting the Walla Walla Valley in 1996, Christophe spotted a plot of land that had been plowed up to reveal acres...

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