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Cayuse En Cerise Syrah, 2004 Vintage

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Cayuse En Cerise Syrah, 2004 Vintage

Cayuse En Cerise Syrah, 2004 Vintage
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96 Points

"A bit tight on the nose, but the mineral-accented cherry and pomegranate flavors spread across the palate, hinting at espresso as the finish persists against superfine tannins."
93 Points

"Here's a strong whiff of what Cayuse's Christophe Baron calls the good funk, augmented with a blast of black pepper, meat and blood. There's wild herb lurking in the background also, and as the Syrah opens up slowly in the glass it develops a powerful green tea scent. But what a glorious, pungent, earthy and sensuous mix of flavors, wild, organic and fascinating."
92 Points

"Good deep ruby-red. Explosive, musky aromas of black raspberry and bacon fat. Lush, suave and sweet, with deep flavors of currant and woodsmoke. ("This cuvee has gained in weight in recent vintages," notes Baron.) Finishes with very fine-grained tannins and lovely subtle reverberating sweetness. This rather seductive wine actually began with good minerally restraint, then expanded impressively with extended aeration to show a penetrating and very fresh raspberry fruitiness. "
91 Points

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Learn About Cayuse

An adventure in the new world Christophe Baron grew up among the vineyards and cellars of his family's centuries-old Champagne house, Baron Albert. His sense of adventure, however, led him to become the first Frenchman to establish a winery in Washington State. While visiting the Walla Walla Valley in 1996, Christophe spotted a plot of land that had been plowed up to reveal acres...

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