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Neyers Syrah Sonoma Coast Old Lakeville Road, 2012 Vintage

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Neyers Syrah Sonoma Coast Old Lakeville Road, 2012 Vintage

Neyers Syrah Sonoma Coast Old Lakeville Road, 2012 Vintage
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Begun in 1992 by Bruce and Barbara Neyers and their winemaking partner, Ehren Jordan, Neyers Vineyards produces 15,000 cases of wine annually. They rely primarily on Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grown on the Neyers' 50-acre Conn Valley ranch farmed by Hugo and Lupe Maldonado. Additioanl grapes are purchased from a select group of growers, several of which are...

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No wine grape suffers more than Syrah from clumsy viticulture and improper cellar practices. In America, over-ripe harvesting, excess tannin extraction, and high alcohol winemaking have done this variety great harm. Legions of potential fans have turned away. Yet at Kermit Lynch, I have learned that wines from Syrah especially those from northern Rhone producers like Clape, Gonon, Monier, and Faury -- are in great demand. What happened to Syrah in America? Some winemakers thought that if 13% alcohol was good, 15% alcohol was better. If 25% new oak was good, 100% new oak was better. Winemaker Tadeo Borchardt has been making our Old Lakeville Syrah with an eye on the practices of the Old World masters we admire. Here's a bottling of Syrah that will remind you of just how tasty wine from this northern Rhone grape can be in the hands of a savvy traditionalist.

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