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d'Arenberg Broken Fish Plate Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Vintage

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d'Arenberg Broken Fish Plate Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Vintage

d'Arenberg Broken Fish Plate Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Vintage
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A refreshing sauvignon for a fish stew or roast barramundi, this brings the cool of the Adelaide Hills in its tangy scents of lime and parsley. It's smooth, with rich citrus flavors that last in a clean line."

The Story Behind The Name

Despite being a good match for fish, the name has little to do with sea going creatures. A fishplate is the colloquial term for the plates that collect the grape bunches on a harvester. The Adelaide Hills vineyard this wine is sourced from follows the contours of a steep hill which causes some very tight turns and awkward manoeuvres for the drivers. This often results in a broken fishplate, a dilemma that is not easily or quickly resolved for the driver. So this wine is a tribute to the hard working vineyard workers who are constantly repairing fishplates.

The Characteristics

The nose is lifted and expressive with tropical fruits dominating. Guava and passion fruit spring to mind. Along with the fruit there are underlying aromatic herb botanicals.

On the palate the tropical fruits are joined by cumquat and candied limes and the crisp greenness is reminiscent of crunchy snow peas.

This wine is both luscious yet focused with fresh mineral vibrancy that you get from cool climate Adelaide Hills fruit. A Sauvignon Blanc for those who want to be intrigued by the second glass; a luscious mid palate with a long, focused mineral finish.

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