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Urban Legend Cellars Dolcetto, 2010 Vintage

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Urban Legend Cellars Dolcetto, 2010 Vintage

Urban Legend Cellars Dolcetto, 2010 Vintage
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on 9-10-2014

Urban legends are remarkable but often apocryphal stories that spread like wildfire. Urban Legend is a winery in a city-almost an apocryphal story in itself-that makes remarkable wines. We've never been shy about disruption. Throughout our careers, we've introduced technologies that no one ever thought would work-and changed the world. When we wanted to drink wines that were...

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Flavor-wise, cherry fruit prevails. There's some red raspberry there, too. On the finish, we taste some mochadry chocolate with a little coffee sprinkled into end with bitter almond. It makes us think of Italian almond cookies, the kinds that are more savory than sweet.

Dolcetto pairs well with pastastry some wild mushroom ravioli some time with it; the earthiness is perfect for it. We really like it with duck; Dolcetto can stand up to some of the fruit sauces that go well with duck but also is clean enough to be refreshing after all that rich duck fat. It's light enough for herbed chicken and a naturalit is Italianfor cured meats. Finally, save some for dessert to serve with blue cheese and pears.

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